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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Nyah Jasmine Mogra Face & Body Bath Gel Review -

Hey everyone! :)
Hope You're Doing Great!
So today I'll be sharing one of the most exotic products that I've ever used. 
Do you remember that Chocolate Shower Gel from Nyah? If you haven't seen this item, Take a min and check out this exotic chocolatey shower gel :
DUDE this is so tempting! Isn't it ?  ;) xD

Okay, so now coming back to this bath gel. :P
 snapshots :

 It is again an amazing blend of Sweet Smelling Jasmine and Mogra flowers. The smell is so captivating and it just enriches your senses completely. 
I love the fresh smell of mogra! Many Indian women love it. They use Mogra flowers as accessories on their hair. :D hehe that's so cute! And also to make garlands for gods.
Because the smell of mogra lingers on for so long! This is a must try if you love the smell of both Jasmine and Mogra flowers. 
I guarantee that you will fall in love with this shower gel. Damn, i finished my bottle. :( But I'll buy a new one soon :D
So ladies and gentlemen, If you wanna beat the heat these summers and want to smell fresh and scented all day. Go for this. Try one bottle of this bath gel and see for yourself. 
Now I ordered these products last year from 
So check out if they are selling it now also and order NOW! 
I love the packaging of this bottle. It comes with a cute shell also, I dunno where that shell is lying in my closet. Since i love collecting shells and making jewellery :P hehe! 
now i want you to experience luxury yourself. ;) Price of this bottle is : 245 INR and quantity you get is 190ml
So get a fresh, moisturized and beautiful looking skin with this bath gel. I hope you enjoyed reading the review. 
If you've got any questions - Comment below. 
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See you soon again with more exciting stuff, till then take care!
bye :)

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